Hopstring Fest

Sat. Sept. 29th @ Silver Cross Field 11am-11pm

Presented by Chicago St. Pub, Slammers Baseball and Next Media Chicago St. Pub NextMedia Slammers Baseball

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Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 10:50pm

This year we will feature some of your favorite Hopstring performers from throughtout the day, joining each other onstage to create a unique one time musical experience. You won't want to miss this.... stay stuned for a list of participating musicians.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 9:30pm

Although The Steepwater Band got their start as devotees of delta blues, they have since been expanding on their influences taking on everything from psychedelia to Americana, and of course, rock and roll music. Formed in Chicago in 1998, the band’s signature sound is at once a nod to earlier rock n’ blues combined with a raw and gutsy musical approach.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 8:10pm

The Righteous Hillbillies are an axe shredding, ace dealing, foot stompin’, Southern rock, high-powered Americana boogie blues band that plays with talent and passion. They have built a strong, supportive, and loyal following throughout their hometown of Joliet, Illinois and into the Chicago area. The Righteous Hillbillies baptize their work in the blood of Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, ZZ Top, and the Black Crowes while still managing to create an original and independent style. They make rock “n” roll music for people who still believe in rock “n” roll music.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 6:45pm

Rockford, IL-based Miles Nielsen has spent nearly a decade enthralling audiences with music that draws force from the prime years of Western-influenced rock music and classic ‘60s soul. Claiming influences as diverse as Otis Redding’s classic soul and Jellyfish’s cult power pop recordings, Nielsen has thus far released two albums – his debut in 2009 as a solo artist, and then his sophomore album in 2012 as Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts – to critical acclaim and an ever-growing fanbase. The Rusted Hearts’ hot streak will continue this year with their upcoming third LP, Heavy Metal.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 5:30pm

Edward David Anderson is an artist as ancient as he is modern. In a time when the music business flails about, grasping at any new trend that will save its sinking ship, he exists far beyond its confines.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 4:35pm

Vaudevileins is a rock band from Chicago. Since 2010, the band has toured the U.S. of A using the power of aviator sunglasses, sweat, beards, and a green Ford van.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 3:30pm

Chicago Farmer sings on the title track of Backenforth, IL, out January 22, 2013. It’s the centerpiece of his sixth collection of Guthrie-inspired populist songs, as well as autobiographical. The son of a small town farming community, Cody Diekhoff logged plenty of highway and stage time under the name Chicago Farmer before settling in the city in 2003.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 2:35pm

John Condron is a Philadelphia born singer-songwriter, musician, & producer who currently makes his home in the Chicago-land area. The former front man for the power quartet “the benefit” has been spending much of his time lately focusing on solo performances as well as performances w/ his new full band project “The Old Gang Orchestra”.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 2:20pm

Allison Flood is an American singer-songwriter whose roots dig as deep as the origins of the music she loves and continue to stretch out past the current boundaries of the contemporary folk genre.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 1:35pm

Alex has been a fulltime musician in the Chicagoland area for five years now and in that time he has been building a loyal following around the Midwest. From the city of Chicago and the suburbs that contain it, to Milwaukee to Ann Arbor to San Diego and almost everywhere in between. Alex has found his way to many places in this country with guitar in hand, voice in mind, loving every moment of the journey.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 12:40pm

Michael Shehan, lead singer, guitarist, harmonica player, and songwriter, had always been into singing, but didn't pick up a guitar until an injury ended his military career. He broke his neck playing football at West Point, and while he recovered, he used a roommate's guitar to teach himself how to play songs that he always liked to sing. When he was officially discharged from active duty, he reconnected with his childhood friends in the area.



Sat. Aug. 20th - Time: 11:50am

Somewhere Sunny is Adam Domain's latest music project, recording new songs and rerecording some old songs that he has written with various artists.



$20 presale/$30 at door



Hopstring Fest 2016 is a 12 1/2 hour celebration of craft beer
and roots rock!

Hopstring Fest is the brainchild of Mike and Kathy Trizna (Owners of Chicago Street Pub. The festival is a celebration of Midwestern Craft Beer, and Roots Rock Music. 

During the festival people will be able to experience an amazing cross section of the many styles of beer from around the world…Brewed right in their own backyard. While they are sampling some of these beers, they will also have the opportunity to taste the local wares from several Joliet restaurants.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about the music…..
This lineup is easily the best Illinois has to offer.



2016 STAGE 1
11AM -11:30 AM Jon Green Band
11:50-12:20 Somewhere Sunny
12:40-1:15 Prairie Ghosts
1:35-2:10 Alex Hoffer Band
2:20-2:35 Allison Flood
2:35-3:15 John Condron & the Old Gang Orchestra
3:30-4:10 Chicago Farmer
4:35-5:15 Vaudevileins
5:30-6:20 Edward David Anderson
6:45-7:45 Miles Nielson
8:10-9:10 The Righteous Hillbillies
9:30-10:40 The Steepwater Band
10:50-11:30 All Star Jam- featuring various performers from the day.
2016 STAGE 2
Performers TBA  
2016 STAGE 3
Performers TBA